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Originally Posted by turbomkt
In their defense, I have had a good experience with Lesco. Just today in fact. But I'll admit there was no shipping.

I contacted the local store asking what it would take to get some of the "charcoal" stuff in. I said I'd like to get one bag with future sales a possibility as I would talk to other hobbiests in the area.

The response was I could have the one bag they had and to let them know when I would need more bags in stock. He was ready to get 3 or 4 bags for me if I wanted them. We'll see if I get the same shipping charge by getting the store to order it in.

It turns out the bag they gave me today (free of charge) wasn't the charcoal but rather the red (I think). Regardless, my plan is to put it in a tank and take some pics. I'll send it to the manager so he can see what their product can look like. I'll also ask Hoppy, MatPat, and others for permission to use some of their pics to give an idea of black as well.

I'll also be taking these pictures to LFS' to see if they'd be willing to start carrying it. I know one lfs buys substrate in bulk and sells by the pound...
You can use any of my pictures however you wish.
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