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Default Mr. Aqua 6.5 (Overkill)

Originally this thread started over at TPT, but due to the overbearing administration that "run" the site I no longer plan on posting publicly on there.

I'll be migrating the thread over here bit by bit as a Journal and proceed with discussions I was having there over here.

Due to some issues users were having with load times I've split the 6.5 project off here and created a new thread for the emersed part.
================================================== =============

Equipment List:

Tank - Mr. Aqua 6.5 Bookshelf (24" x 6" x 9")
Filter - Eheim 2213 and DIY 'Sump' fed with MAME Overflow
Substrate - Brightwell Aquatics FlorinVolcanit XF (Extra Fine)
Lighting - Current Satellite Freshwater Plus 24" & EcoXotic E-Series 24"
Heating - 200w Hydor Inline Heater w/ Finnex HC-810M Thermostat
CO2 - Injected via 5lb tank
Regulator - Milwaukee
Diffuser - ADA Inline 'knockoff'

Current Status - DRY START (Started 10/30/2015)

Initial pic of when the tank arrived:

First addition to the tank while waiting for other hardware to show up in the mail:

The addition of Tillsandia actually inspired the overall scape which you will see in a bit. I'll get into this further on when the tank is a flooded status.

My initial set of lily pipes came in. Well they looked great in moody shots, but I don't think the outflow 'fit' the aquarium dimensions. Regardless, here's a pic:

Finally was able to find spiderwood to fit my tank at a LFS.

And because it looked like a jumble of wood I figured I'd test out a hardscape with some Fluval Stratum I had laying around.

Finally the hardware I had been waiting on shipping gets in!

Also, started sketching out the wiring/hosing diagrams of how I plan on automating this entire system once it's all up and running. Check it out!

Only took a month for me to get around test filling the tank. Figured I'd give the Tills a good soak too while I was at it.

Also, moved the hardscape in with the new Brightwell substrate that showed up.

In my need for more glass (be it lily pipes or camera lenses) I added another piece of hardware to the project. Will allow me to hide the hardware for automation in a mini sump as well as increase flow and overall volume past the tanks 6.5 gallons.

While picking up a box of plants up at my small town's Post Office (see my emersed thread) there was another package in my name... I wasn't expecting anything, let alone had a tracking number saying something was showing up...


One of the two things I've been most stoked about showed, and I'm fairly impressed for it being a 'knock off'

Just waiting on the 13mm pipes that were back ordered to come my way now.

Ended up having to leave for work since a call came in... But good news was this was waiting for me...

Decided to paint the back of the tank for contrast with some PlastiDip. Figure I can remove it if I don’t like it.

Flipped 180 and taped the sides and top off:

BAM! Done. Not bad if I say so myself!

Just like a very promising date that was on a roll, one thing led to another...Y'all Ready For This?

Yep, planted the first round of stuff for the dry start! Lets start with a tour of the current layout:

On the right, you will see the ever so lustrous Staurogyne Repens as it creeps the base of the spiderwood. Behind it the mystical reds and purples of the Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini'. Slightly to the left is the delicate ruffles of the Pogostemon Helferi 'Downoi'.

Here you can see the center of the tank with the 'field' of Marsilea Crenata:

To the left we can see the final carpet being started with sprigs of Utricularia Gramnifolia:

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