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Default Re: Mr. Aqua 6.5 (Overkill)

Day 46 of Dry Start:

Been a while since I've updated this. I've had a bit of an issue with BGA on part of the tank and keep dosing the spots with Hydrogen Peroxide and it seems to be keeping it at bay. The only problem is it's caused a bare spot in my Marsilea Crenata carpet, which has been slow growing to begin with. The UG has almost filled in the entire area I wanted it to, but I just need to wait on the M. Crenata to catch up. I've lost some Pogostemon Helferi unexpectedly, but am waiting to replant when the tank gets flooded and have some other additions for later on. My recent addition was some of the plantlets of Trithuria Sp. BV where I was originally planning on putting Litorella Uniflora. Besides that, it's just been having a few trims to guide the M. Crenata growth, as well as to coax the Ranunculus Inundatus not to spread along with the Ammania sp. 'Bonsai'. That said, less yammering on my part and more pics!

(imgur just died on me so I'll load more pics later)
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