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Default My Low Light, High Tech Spec V

After breaking down my marine seagrass tank and selling all my stuff, I got the bug again. However, due to circumstances, it needed to be low to moderate maintenance with decent results to stay motivated. It also had to be less expensive and quick to care for when I had to perform maintenance. The final requisite was the ability to be able to go on a weeklong vacation as needed without complete worry of problems when I return. Thus, my fluval spec v was born:

Finnex Planted+ 24/7 dimmed to 50% (sometimes 40%), currently 6hrs

CO2Art top-tier dual stage regulator
5lb cylinder
Intense Atomizer as diffuser (2 so I can swap while cleaning)
~.5 bps to 30ppm via drop checker

EI style dosing at half volume
Seachem Flourish for microelements
Seachem Flourish Nitrogen and Phosphorus for macroelements
All dosed 3x weekly with weekly 50% water change using Prime
I like the convenience these offer and as long as growth isn't explosive, the cost is reasonable

Aqua Soil Amazonia
Mixed grade gravel
CaribSea super naturals Rio Grande gravel
Estes brand natural sand

Hardscape materials:
River stone assortment
Spider wood

Vallisneria sp. "nana"
Cryptocoryne wendtii "green" and "bronze"
Cryptocoryne lucens
Microsorum pteropus "WindelÝv"
Anubias nana "petite"
Marsilea crenata

Wishlist plant: Bucephalandra species, will have soon enough

(Planned, not purchased) Tanichthys albonubes x5

Neocaridina davidi (cherries, also planned)

The tank was setup a couple of weeks ago with small plant specimens to allow for growth. Hoping this will meet my goals I outlined above. I guess time will tell.


Initial planting:

This week:

Some of the stones naturally slid into place. I left most of them, but I did move one or two back in place. I think that is a reasonable compromise, since I actually want it to look roughly like it has slided down a small bank or the like during a flood. Also, the Cardamine has mostly melted. Not a big deal, as it felt out of place to me. I originally wanted Hydrocotyle, since it can creep along. I thought that might look nice encroaching over the Marsilea a bit.

Thanks for looking

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