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Default Re: My Low Light, High Tech Spec V

A few things I forgot to add include:

Temp: ~70-72 F. This will vary with room temp in the summer, but won't be more than 75-76 F. Not only is this more comfortable for the fish chosen, but is also another factor in keeping growth manageable and hopefully keeping algae at bay longer in the event of a maintenance lapse (which should be very infrequent, but realistically can and will occur, especially if I'm out of town).

Depending upon how things go once grown in, I may also reduce intensity to 30-40% to maintain the look longer. Then, after a good trim, I may crank it to 50-60%, coupled with a slight fert increase for a while to grow a little. Growth now at ~50% intensity is pretty manageable with the tank moderately planted. I'm getting new Marsilea leaves around 1x per week, maybe two on a given patch. Just musings, but so far I'm liking the way things are going.

Waiting now to make sure the tank is habitable for fish. Should add some much needed liveliness.

Also wanting a pump upgrade. An lfs has a now-discontinued minijet 606, so hopefully an improvement there without resorting to powerheads in an already cramped environment.
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