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Default Re: My Low Light, High Tech Spec V

A few minor, but exciting changes coming!

I'm ordering some more plants--probably the last round of plants for this tank as it is now. I've got several kinds of Bucephalandra coming:

opera mini
super mini catherinae

Also have a few more Anubias nana petite and a portion of Fissidens fox, the latter of which will be on some of the upper branches of the spider wood. Should look fairly nice when I get them in.

Edit: Also getting one of the Ecoxotic E-series LED fixtures that are on sale. Since the fixture is brighter, I'll have to dial the intensity down to probably 30%. I'll have to experiment judiciously to get comparable results. Will keep the Finnex fixture for another future tank or may eventually combine the two on a larger tank.

Also, the intended fish species has changed from white clouds, as my LFS has started ordering celestial pearl danios. I'll get a small shoal of them in a few weeks, along with cherry shrimp a bit after the danios and tank settle.

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