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Default Re: Mr. Aqua 6.5 (Overkill)

Originally Posted by bereninga View Post
Hey how's this going? Long time no hear.
Ahh, sorry bud! I've been running around this new year with so much going on that I neglected this thread. Tank is still going and I've got a TON of Utricularia Gramnifolia. It's actually becoming somewhat of an invasive carpet that needs to be tamed almost daily for stray runners. The tank is still in a dry start 130 days in! It's got a few new plants in there which I will save for a night I can have some time to whip out the trusty DSLR. I've actually flooded Inspire a bit earlier as I wanted a tank again. I couldn't wait for the E. Belem to catch up, so I made the plunge.

Originally Posted by Elderbacon View Post
Where did you find the Ranunculus for sale, if I may ask?
To be honest I can't exactly remember. If you're local I could give up a few nodes.
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