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Default Re: Mansfield, New to planted

I'd take CrownMan's advice to heart. Once you see his fish room you will too.

But be careful with adding CO2. Everybody and their internet brother will "tell" you how to run a planted tank and yet you will not find too many clean aquascapes. This hobby is plagued by impatience. Do not fall for it or you will be back here asking for help with problems that you could've avoided if you went slow.

My advice is to run the CO2 very lightly at first and watch the tank. Do not try to reach 30 ppm of CO2 on Day 2. This is like you jumping in the shower with the hot water set at 140F instead of gradually getting used to it.

And another detail - if your tank is not clean of organics (invisible waste) - the CO2 will most likely bring algae. The best approach is to start slow with the CO2, that's all.
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