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Default DIY open top glass tank.. need your wisdom.

There is a 20' by 30' room in my home that will be re-arranged. I have cleaned it to bare walls and a floor. Naturally it's day-dream time with what goes where, and I couldn't help with a vision of an open top tank that will be view-able from all sides. The tank may even sit somewhat near the center of the room. Wife didn't say no so now I'm asking for advise, please feel free to show newbie the DIY way to nirvana.

The desired size is 5' by 3' by 2', although it wouldn't be all that different if it were 6' by 4' by 2' in terms of its footprint. (The real difference is in glass thickness and thereby the cost to the tank itself, and of course the gizmos that go with it, I gathered, providing the construction of the tank was error-free.) Would half an inch glass walls and 3/5 inch bottom piece be sufficient for such size - 5 feet by 3 feet? Probably better if tempered glass, correct? Open top and braceless, is it possible? Where do you recommend to order such pieces if do-able? (I don't need the Starphire glass if the savings mean I can have better canisters and canopies and so on.)

The stand is also going to be DIY on the spot; I have found several useful web pages that provide excellent info, including the APC. But feel free to throw me any word of caution regarding either part about the stand or the tank.. or any part.

It will be on a hardwood floor with solid concrete underneath. It's weight should not be an issue.

Much thanks in advance!

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