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Originally Posted by kilroy
I've actually thought about the idea of doing a tank like that someday. My idea though was to make it square, say 5' X 5', with a drilled bottom and an overflow in the center with rockwork around it to disguise it.

I would imagine that it would be possible to go braceless so long as you increased the thickness of the glass. I'm not sure how much you would need to increase it by but it would stand to reason that with less support thicker material is needed. Another option might be to make a top brace out of some nice 3/4" hardwood plywood finished to match your floor. With some creative scroll work it could actually add to the look of the tank as well. A matching hung light fixture would probably complement the whole thing nicely too.
Thanks for the quick reply and ideas Kilroy.

The thought of such tank started with a composition of what's inside. Unfortunately an overflow tower is kind of hard to go along with the composition so for now I am imagining the tank in the direction without it. I might not even have the bottom drilled.. I realize mimicking nature has its limits and I guess I'm at peace with letting the limits show by having tubes (lily or not) going in and out on one side.

But yes, by light canopy I do mean a ceiling-hanging light fixture like you suggested. I probably would use existing ceiling outlet too to provide power to the light fixtures. Probably a MH + PC + timers combo.

The square tank idea sounds cool. Thanks for sharing!

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