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Thanks for the reply, freydo. I assume I will have to run the wire under one strip of wood - as if replacing the damaged strip - and install a CGFI inside the tank stand. Or risk tripping my young kids every day. It builds toughness, lol.

I haven't done much for this project other than looking up possible prices for glasses online from just one source in Illinois. The effect is somewhat chilling.. the bottom piece, 37" x 60" by 3/4" thick, which is not tempered at this thickness: $914.17. Just budget on glass panes alone, for the whole tank, pick-up only (the large pieces are over shipping limits of major companies): $1800 to 2200. 1800 if I could substitute the bottom piece to a tempered glass at 1/2" thickness.

For someone who hasn't built a single tank before, perhaps I should consider a more managable learning curve and build something smaller first. I could use a cultivation tank anyways if the big one is built.. lots of coverage to do. Is this the advice no one wants to give for the sake of politeness?

Well I will report back if it ever happened. Will the village idiot attempt flying by jumping off the steepest cliff?
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