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Default 1000+ iaplc 2017?

My 1000L tank is running for over 1,5 year now, and everything is working the way I would like to. This combined with the fact that I finally got some time to maintain the tank, did made me think of rescaping the tank for IAPLC (or another contest). I will try to update this journal as often as possible and with DSRL photo's as much as possible, to give you a good impression of my tank. You can find a thread about the build and first scape here:

Here some specs about the tank:

Tank: 195x80x80cm (water level roughly 70 cm), optiwhite glass and black glass overflow and backwall, build in the wall.
Filtration: Bean animal black glass overflow, with a 450L sump in the room behind. 2 filtersocks, followed by filter mats and 100L Bio Rio powered by 2x Ecotech Vectra M1 (8000L/u, not running full power) do the job.
Heating: 4x 300W glass heater (if 1 gets stuck on, it won't boil the tank, if one is broken, the other 3 can still heat the tank warm enough.
Lighting: 4x custumized DSunY LED + 2x20W flood lights on the side. Running for 8 hours bright and 4 hours dim.
Co2: Pressurised via 2 home made Cerges Style reactors and a 7,5/15kg bottle pH controlled and a second magnet valve to shut it off at night.
Aeration: 10 hours a night.
Fertilzer: Home made mixes automatically dosed 3 times a day by a dosing pump to keep the water parameters steady.
Hardscape: 8 large pieces of river wood and about 100 kg of Grey mountain rock.
Substrate: ADA Amazonia and and Tropica Aquasoil mixed and decorative sand.

Fauna: All current fish: pencil fish, dwarf harlequin rasbora, simulans tetra, dwarf congo tetra's and all the Otocinclus, Hisonotus and L-numbers and different species of shrimp.

Flora: This tank will use only plants from the Dutch nursery Aquaflora:
On the wood:
Taxiphyllum species
Microsorum pteropus 'petite'

On the stones and just behind:
All sort of Anubias and Bucephalandra mixed
Cryptocoryne becketti 'petchii'

Middle and background:

Cryptocoryne retrospiralis
Cryptocoryne spiralis var. caudigera
Cardamina lyrata
Pogostemon quadrifolius (octopus)
Proserpinaca palustris 'cuba'
And 1 or 2 Aponogeton
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