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Default My turn, a more thorough thread on my emersed setup.

Most of the plants in there, with the exception of those in the Middle-right tank are about one month old (for me). I'm pretty pleased so far that I've not lost any of them yet, though the purpurea has come close.

I originally kept the water level right at the surface of the soil in the tallest pots, which meant some were submerged up to two inches above the soil. This was ok while the new plants were tall, but as soon as they started adapting I didn't feel comfortable trying to grow sensitive and expensive plants in a nutrient rich, stagnant water. So I dropped the water to ~1cm and with daily misting everything's stayed moist. Since then the new plants have sprung to life and have all put out at least one new leaf.

The wendtii complex plants in the middle-right tank have been in my care since the middle of January and were grown from misc. bits of rhizome, some with roots and some without.

Care amounts to daily misting with water from my discus tank and three direct squirts to the rhizome/crown area with a dilute PMDD mixture 1/week. In another few months, once the plants have settled down and have really started growing I'm going to increase the Phosphate in the fertilizer to see if I can induce flowering.

The whole thing:

The Crypt Tanks:

Middle-left tank:

Bottom-left tank:

Middle-right tank:

Bottom-right tank:

Bronze Wendtii:

Lutea/Red/Green Wendtii (?)












More to come....
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