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Default Guppy Breeding Tanks

Now that I have finished writing my family history book, I decided to breed and raise guppies. I hope to have plenty of babies to raise outdoors over the summer.

Last week I set up two 10 gals and two 2 gals for the breeders-- a mix of fancy guppies and some store bought fish. Lots of color. I couldn't resist a bright yellow cobra male at PetCo. He didn't have the big delta tail, but he's got the lemon yellow color, cobra markings, plus he must be tough as nails to survive 2-3 weeks in the shop.

Then, I am also hatching brine shrimp in a bunch of containers.

Attached are pictures of my most exclusive stock-- the Blue Grass strain. (See advertisement picture of 3 adult males.) I got four juveniles of this strain last week off of eBay from a breeder in Arcadia, California. What impressed me is that they actually have the iridescent blue color that was advertised.

The tank setups contain some potted plants (yard dirt plus a little bone meal covered with a spoonful of sand). I also added hornwort and floating frogbit for purifying water and to hide the babies. All plants can be easily pulled out to catch the babies later on. I scattered a little sand on the bottom as attachment sites for nitrifying bacteria and other little critters. Since it's summer, I don't need a heater. And with all the plants and such few fish, I decided I don't need a filter. I did put a gentle air bubbler in the two 2 gals, where I've got a breeding pair in each.

I lined up the two 10 gal side-by-side lengthwise and put a 36" LED light fixture (139 LEDs) to straddle the two tanks. I put a clamp light (with a 14 watt CFL) to straddle over the two 2 gals. The lighting seems to work very well.

Attached are pictures of 10 gal with 3 juveniles of the Blue Grass strain and a closeup of the male. These fish are only 10 weeks old.
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