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Originally Posted by hoppycalif View Post
Dolomite is used as a source of magnesium in the substrate - the calcium is just icing on that cake. You don't necessarily need it, because you can get magnesium other ways, in the water. Your hard water may or may not have lots of magnesium. Your water quality report doesn't say how much of either calcium or magnesium the water has, but the combination seem to range from 10-15 dGH.
Yeah it's tough to get really useful information. Especially from me lol. This is what I know about my water.
Kh 161
Calcium was 80 to 100 (couldn't really tell for sure after the 4th drop)
Phosphates .25
These were the tests included in my hand kit. I don't have one for General hardness

I download this from the city. Is any of that helpful?

Oh I also have this.
Mg. 25.67
Ca. 72.17
Na. 107.40
K. 4.34
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