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Default Re: SMD LED tape based light fixture

Originally Posted by Gone missing View Post
Interesting project and something that I have toyed with but never moved. Glad to see somebody actually doing rather than just thinking, like myself!
Any chance the metal is thin enough or the LED protrude enough to drill at each LED and mount the tape on top rather than fighting the fight to stick it on?
Thank you! That is an interesting idea. The LEDs are 5.6 mm x 3.0 mm, not circular, but rounded corner rectangles. The light will have about 500+ LEDs, so it would take that many precisely located and sized holes for this to work well. As a garage corner workshopper I lack anything that would let me do that. The angles are made of 1/16 inch thick aluminum, so I doubt that is thin enough to make it work anyway. If I had thought of this before buying parts I might have found a way to do this, but now I can't. Also, I found it tedious to cut 11-30 inch long aluminum angles, deburr all of the edges, clean each piece thoroughly, drill all of the needed holes in each piece, etc., so I'm sure I would never be willing to do anything 500 times!

My $100 budget isn't holding up too well. I have already spent $101, and have at least $10 more to buy.
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