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Default Re: Macro lense help...

Ok wait, I am new to getting serious in photography so let me sort junk out before I just dive in lol!

Right now I have a Canon EOS T1i
And attached to that is a EFS 18-55mm lens w/image stabilizer, then in front of that is the ultraviolet lens, attached to the zoom lens.

OK got my parts situated and sorted out. I went on amazon and looked at some extension tubes, BUT thing with them is they seemed to not be as Focused? meaning they were a bit blurry I think on most of them, have yet to look at the m42 adapter, I have a VERY high grade/expensive/etc Tripod so checkmark that, I saw some of the rails ill look into that, but that isn't a "need" I don't think.
What if I got a lets say.. 60mm macro lens (cannon of course) and then attached extension tubes to that?
What I'm looking for is EXTREMELY good focus and very define close up images.
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