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Default Re: Macro lense help...

Originally Posted by DutchMuch View Post
like open the blinds or something? sorry I'm confused since I'm a noob

And what will that do anyway? wanna know it all!!! lol

just saw the link I didn't see it before I feel dumb now lol.

So how would I use that? and how would I know where to position it?

I am assuming you will be shooting your plants in your greenhouse and outdoors so with this type of diffuser you will be positioning it over your subject and having your direct light source going through it. This will give you nice even lighting over your subject.

Of course there are many different ways of shooting macro just depends on what you’re after. The canon EF 100mm 2.8 is my favorite lens which on a cropped sensor would actually be like 160mm and you would be focusing in millimeters. The 60mm is more versatile and you could use it for portraits etc. Below are some examples of what a 100mm on a cropped sensor looks like various corals from my old salty life [emoji13]

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