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Default Re: Macro lense help...

Originally Posted by deepgreen View Post
Another factor to consider in your considerations is the depth of field in macrophotography. As you can see in the nice NorCalnomad, your depth of field becomes very shallow. There is not much you can do about this besides focus stacking which is to make multiple images of a static object with a different focal point and then use a program to stack them. This only works with static objects. If you try to shoot fish, it does not work. Also if you have moving object, your autofocus does not help anymore very much because simply moving with the handheld camera changes your focus point rapidly. The 100mm 2.8 Canon is an excellent macro lens as NorCalnomad already suggested. You might be able to get the old version for a reasonable price.
the budget of only about 400$ still applies to the actual fixture lol, cant afford the good ol' 800$!!! here it sells pretty cheap but quality.... eh?...

Also again, what about this 1
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