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Default Flourescent Energy Saving Bulbs

since i only run 1.3 watts per gallon in lighting on my low-light 55g tank (my plants are; cryptocoryne spiralis, anubias barterii, java ferns, java moss, amazon swords, and vallisneria gigantea), i decided to put up 2 clamp-on lamps on top of the tank. i decided to use ge's spiral mini flourescent lamps that has an output of 60 watts, lumens of 900 and has 10,000 life hours. i was using incandescent reveals but it only had 630 lumens and used exactly 60 watts, the spiral ones was recommended by a guy from the lfs since it only uses 15 watts of the 60 watt output. does anyone know how much watts i get by clamping on the lights on top of the tank? the vallisneria seems to like it, i just want some extra views from people. how much extra wattage am i getting? or is it pointless for me to do this?

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