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Default Re: HAAPS still alive?

HAAPS can be as alive as you want to make it.
Shortly prior to founding it, I ended up moving an hour from Houston. That left the bulk of the work on one person's shoulders (Kevin...I'm not sure if he still gets on here). It was also in the middle of an economic downturn, so the hobby was in a lull, at least in Texas.
Then, my wife and I had another baby, I started making wine,'ve seen how "active" we kept the FB page.
Anyhow, there ARE some planted tank hobbyists in H-town. But most of them either are not in a club, or they are in Greater Houston Aquarium Club (or another one...I forget the name). Kevin may be able to give you far more detailed info if you message him. His username is kwc1974.

I had a thought recently that I should rename HAAPS to the "Houston Area Alcohol Producers Society", but now I'm about to take a 4-month detail to Minnesota! So...

HOPPY!!!! I didn't realize you were a Moderator! It is really great to see you here. I check in about once a month, but have not been active in years.

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