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Default New 135g Setup Advice

ok, i have spent the last 7 days reading almost every thread in these forums and I have come across some very helpful information for starting a planted aquarium. I would like to run my decisions by all of you for a "double check" to ensure that I'm headed in the right direction and to avoid leaving anything out. I am planning on an "easy" to "moderate" selection of plants, with just a few fish (tetras, rainbows, etc.). This is my first attempt at a planted aquarium, so I don't want to try discus or very difficult plants. So here is the equipment I would like to use so far:

135g Oceanic (72x18x24)
8 bags of 20lb Eco-Complete
Eheim 2128
Odyssea 72" 384w 6500K w/ mounting legs

There are two more issues I still need to resolve... 1) in reading other threads it appears that I might *have* to use Co2 if I have too much light - but everyone also states that the good rule of thumb is 2-3 watts per gallon. I need some more direction on this, as I would *rather* not use Co2, but I will if the need arises. 2) powerheads, some folks have said that it might be necessary to create even *more* movement in the tank - and I'm not sure how you use powerheads when you don't have downtubes connected to an undergravel filter?

Any advice will be most appreciated

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