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Default Re: Moving Tank (from state to state) need help.

i moved a 20g long reef tank 7 hours several times. Same as my little 5.5g natural planted tank.

For the planted tank, i simply drained the water down to where there was only 2" of water in it. Picked it up and placed it in my car. There was only a betta fish in it though. It did fine nothing died at all.

For your 40B i would suggest draining water all the way to the substrate and placing your fish in a 5g bucket. This is what I did with my live rock, corals, and fish and i didn't lose any.

The plants should be just fine as the substrate will still be very wet. you could also mist them if you were worried. It really depends on how long the move will take.

Break the tank down last and set it when you arrive. Not all the way set up, but get water in it and get the water moving.
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