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Default Re: Moving Tank (from state to state) need help.

Originally Posted by hoppycalif View Post
I have had success using a styrofoam box to hold the fish, so the water temperature wouldn't fluctuate so much. I got the box at a big grocery store, sold as a cooler. I always restart the tank from bare tank on up when I do this. There should be no cycling problem if you have kept the plants wet, so the bacteria on them remains alive. And, reusing the filter uncleaned is also a good idea.
Thank you hoppy for the reply, id but most filter media in the bucket w/fish i believe... just so they have some personal space. or something to lean on cause i know the road that we are going to travel on and sometimes its flat as all get out, sometimes its gravel.
As for the plants, now that i have your .02$ on that, i think my plan for them as far as now is to:

1- Drop the tank water to under 1" or 1" exactly.
2- Put plastic wrap on the tanks top to keep in humidity
3- mist well every hour

does this plan sound... full proof? surely 1" of water couldn't undo the soil cap.
one thing im sure of is im not tearing the tank down, IE taking plants out, etc.

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