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Default Re: DIY carbon source, not CO2

Monsodium glutamate (MSG) is an amino acid we eat everyday. It's the most common food additive to enhance taste and found naturally in cheese, tomato, mushroom and all meat. Monopotassium glutamate is another form of glutamate and I didn't know it's sold in health store. Is it sold as a supplement for K or glutamate as our body need both to function.

MSG is sold in food store under trade name Accent, Taste Powder or Ajinomoto. MSG isn't cheap and I imagine potassium glutmate won't be cheap either. In comparison. I bought a gallon of generic glutaldehyde, Metricide 14 for $21 that will last over a year dosing 2x daily to my 75g. I am dosing glut not so much for carbon, but as an algaecide. Seachem markets Excel as liquid carbon but I have yet seen scientific data to back it up. I guess dosing any organic compounds will provide some carbon as all organic matters contains and will break up into carbon at some point.

I don't worry about the toxicity of glut for myself, plants or fish at the dosage used. The difference between toxin and medicine is the dosage. Even NaCL is a toxic at high dosage, but at low dosage, it's food additive and remedy for sore throat and ich in fish.
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