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Default Properly Established Biofilter

I'm a big believer in actual Natural aquariums and a big part of that is developing and maintaining a good working biofilter. I call it a Properly Established Biofilter. Will publish a big article on that soon, still working on it.

Look at these pictures. Betta imbellis building a nest only 2 days after being imported from Thailand.

3+ days in transit. Brand new tank setup with Tannin Aquatics botanicals to get black water + super cool look. Lots of Properly Established Biofilter (mulm developed properly) added to the tank.

Cycling took 2 days tops. Tank was 5 days old when the fish arrived. Fish felt at home seconds after I released them in the tank - immediately started to look for food. Never seen a fish do that right off the bat after transit - especially 3+ days. Normal shipping when I was importing big lots of fish was overnight and fish were always, always very stressed.

THAT is the power of the biofilter if established properly!
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