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Default Re: Salt water vrs freshwater tank

I had a reef tank back when they first got popular years ago. I lost interest in them real quick.

Part of it was back then most everything was wild caught and not farm grown. So, stories about people destroying reefs with dynamite and using things like cyanide to stun the fish so they could be captured were popping in all the magazines and literature of the hobby.

Thatís probably changed a lot by now but I think Iím still done. Even things like water changes are more complicated because of the salt, which is not cheap by the way. And it gets everywhere. Be ready for salt creep on everything.

When you consider the cost and time of it all - equipment, livestock, chemicals, mortality rate, etc. itís just not something Iím interested in anymore.

But, donít get me wrong. Theyíre beautiful when done right and I always stop and look at a nice reef when I see one. But, Iíve never gotten the urge to jump back in.

Just my personal opinion of course.
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