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Default Re: How-To: Mineralized Soil Substrate, by Aaron Talbot

First thank you very much for creating such a nice thread.. it took me on and off 3 days to go through most of the information.. user experiences and wonderful analysis..

Thank you Very much Aaron.

If my reply make any one angry kindly please accept my apology and dont want to dig a old thread intentionally. I saw a petco sale and wanted to try a 20gallon tank and to do a proper way.. went through many videos..and all decided to go Low tech.. first. Most of the videos says using Topsoil is old school and the plants roots digs deep into the top soil and its very hard to remove..and some just dumping any organic potting mix capping with some sand or gravel and adding water..

Saw another video using quikrete sand from home depot ..washing few times and adding to the tank. I want to do this proper and right way.. saw many replies ..many people trying different top soils.. every one posted the pics before trying and often forgot (i might have missed too.. sorry) to update their results if it worked or not.. i know its tough to expect everything and so nice of you guys spending your valuable time.

After all this years.. if any one have an ultimate formula..saying use this topsoil bought here.. use this clay..can be bought here.. use this dolomite.. it will really helpful and encourage more newcomers like me.. I live in Long Island , NY..and we have many nurseries around.. sadly most of them are whole a first step i will go around and ask about the topsoil that dont have any organic stuff or peat moss..and as much plain as it is..

can you please advise where i can buy lava rocks, dolomite (, Murate of potash and pottery clay in local stores..

Again thank you very much for such a in depth thread..and wonder why it kind of stopped in between..

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