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Default HELP! Powerhead and betta problems!

Hi guys so i have a 20 gal planted tank that i plan to make into a betta community tank. My problem is that of filters, since bettas aren't supposed to be exposed to strong currents. My tank has rims on it that make it unable to be filtered by a HOB filter, that's why i thought of going with a powerhead filter. My problem is that since power heads blow air through their air outtake, that would create currents that would stress my betta fish. I've thought of using sponge filters but im pretty sure they wouldn't be able to do the job of filtering the tank properly since it's going to be a community tank.

so my question is how is the powerhead modified or altered so that it wont blow air anymore while it is submeresed? This is because i've seen a friends powerhead that doesn't blow air underwater and when i asked him how he did it, he said the guy from where he bought the powerhead at was the the one who made the powerhead like that? Do you guys know how it is done? please help me. Thanks so much! is offline   Reply With Quote

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