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Default CO2 in my planted tank

Help please? I've am so confused about my CO2 and Ph levels in my 65 gal planted tank. The more I read the more confused I get.
My Ph is a natural 7.8 from the tap and in my tank. I have be injecting CO2 for about 2 yrs now and still can't get it right. I just purchased a CO2 regulator/reactor and thought my problem was over. However it's not.
Here's what I have. My Ph is 7.8 without CO2 I am trying to lower and keep it around 7.0 but in order to do that I have my Bubbles at around 10 bps just to keep it at 7.0. The regulator/reactor runs until it reaches 6.93 and turns on again when it gets to 7.05. It is takes only 15 mins. for it to turn on again. I think the amount of CO2 is too much. And it only takes a little while before the Ph rises again. If I stop the CO2 the Ph would go back up to 7.8 in less then 2 hrs. I have no rocks except gravel substrateon top and clay medium underneath.
Am I thing this all wrong? Should I not try to lower the Ph so much and just add just enough to lower the Ph slightly?

Stats: Ph 7.8 without CO2, KH is 5 degrees, GH is 18 degrees. I have 8 pieces of driftwood, a fist full of peat moss in a bag. Tetras of different verity, Ghost scrimp, snails, algae eaters and a few Barbs. Lighting medium to hight. Lot's of plants. And BBA which is most challenging. Weekly or ever two weeks I do a 25-30% what water change with aged water. Ph is 7.5-7.8. Which doesn't help my Ph problem.
I stopped fertilizing but nothing seems to help or change.
Any suggestion would be more the appreciated. Thanks

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