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Default Re: HELP! Powerhead and betta problems!

I used to "rescue" betta's when I lived in NYC. Those that lived (they were in horrific condition from local pet stores, which would flush them so I would go each week to take what I could - sigh). They, if healed would be given away to vetted people with at least a five gallon (from free items given away on various forums) and I would provide all, Anubias plants, filter so on. Meaning I had to work out quite a few systems.

I created my own flow block system. Some with the hang on back filters (too strong) I would just use sponge (think filter sponges) at the out flow - stuffed and often in the tank but I would then use ties to attach floating plants at that area - loosely so as not to stress the plants. What ever it took to reduce the flow.

Drift wood attached with suction cups and ties - near the outflow, plants attached with suction cups... so on... (find non toxic suction cuts - pierce a hole - get ties and then attach what ever) the back ground can be arranged thus according to your aethetics and needs.

I used to do sculpture as well, so I got those suction cups and would get ties and attach certain plants (fake or real) around the water flow outlet. Or, I created "rock" formations which would attach and this would create a flow.

I found huge round globes that I finally found out what they were, (plastics outlet) and they are "globes" for out door street lamps.

For those set up's I used the OLD fashioned submerged (lol forget even what they are called) but your basic air pump filter thing. Charcoal, floss and hidden behind the grouping of plants with a spot lamp from above and it was sufficient.

In other words - one can be creative to find solutions.

I can't have aquariums where I now am (boooo hooo).

I will try to attach images as best I can
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