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Default Re: What to purchase.... UV, or Twinstar reactor(s)?

I have a Twinstar rip off - Chihiros Doctor. As far as I can tell, it's only a gimmick. Didn't help with anything, but the cloud of tiny bubbles which get produced when it's on is nice.. I was using it for a few months to help with green dust algae and BBA, but there was zero difference. I would keep it running just for aesthetic reasons, but I eventually got bored by weekly cleaning of mesh in citric acid/vinegar and it sits in the drawer ever since. IMHO it's a total waste of money. Even producer couldn't explain how exactly is it supposed to work. They stated several times, that there is no ozone created. Go figure..

Long story short, don't bother with the "snake oil" and buy an UV if you want something really functional and scientifically proven
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