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Default Re: What to purchase.... UV, or Twinstar reactor(s)?

Originally Posted by mysiak View Post
scientifically proven
UV's have a lot different purpose than a reactor, i posted this on ukaps and my Main suggestion was actually the chihiros doctor.... Many of my friends over there just happen to use it, and i didnt know! Its purpose isnt to get *RID* of algae, its to prevent it. So you also have to do a bit of work, its not plug and done!

As for UV, i think ill go this route because no one definitely knows if reactors can get rid of green water algae which, is a big thing for me because sometimes the guys who fill my co2 dont fill it properly and its the Only place to refill around here and not exchange so...
But thats where im at now, leaning towards the old UV i had, its only like 60$ shipped so its not a big pocket breaker.
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