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Default Need help with aquascape ROOM design (College edition!)

I for a while now have been wanting to quote on quote, "re-design" this entire wall of my room because i mean, well isn't it self explainable? its not, wow look at that art and science! its more like "holy blahblahblahblah thats a mess"

Even with everything all cleaned up (this is how it normally looks, messy, little storage space) it all looks.... I don't know how to explain it well, but it all looks unappealing. Its just "That" side of the room...?

Here are the images:

I'm really not a good "furniture" designer, however i am willing to Build, which is what i really plan on doing. Making some sort of, something, to make this all nice and minimalist.

I have a college budget, so imagine that, but what can i do design wise to this side of the room?
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