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My pH meter is not part of the CO2 injection system. There is a pH probe attached to a pH controller. The probe is mounted in the filter line that leads to the CO2 reactor and samples the pH constantly. The controller then turns the CO2 on and off.
The pH meter is used to check the controller for accuracy and to measure the pH in my other aquariums, the RO water, tap water - before and after the softener, and water from our source, the pond in the back yard. I got tired of getting water samples, mixing with the reagent and trying to match a color chart, a process which is only accurate to within .2 points, if you guess the right shade of green. The meter is much quicker and more accurate.
You can find the system I have on where it is called CarbonDoser. Where have you found a CO2 sensor and can it be programmed to maintain within a certain range? I would love to check out how they function.
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