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Default Re: Anyone Use/Try The Söchting Oxydator??

Originally Posted by mistergreen View Post
In water it splits H2O, to H2 & O2 & rare occasion O3.

I'm not sure if the claims are true but it does produce O2. Theoretically it should only oxidize floating algae cells but wouldn't make any dent in established algae.
If I'm not mistaken, that's true in pure water only. Tank water contains many soluble inpurities, they must somehow at least partially react to electrolysis. Something like NaCl water solution creates Hydrogen and Chlorine gas.

Oxygen/ozone should oxydise anything it comes to contact with, so in theory also established algae. H2O2 destroys any algae on direct contact, cloud of bubbles should do similar damage (well, to lesser extent, otherwise it would be dangerous to livestock/plants too).

IMHO, if the device is really effective as it claims to be, it must be dangerous to livestock in the long term usage. If it's completely safe even with the most delicate shrimp or plants, it is probably just a gimmick.
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