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Default Re: Various Plants

Update 4-7-2019
Great time to ship!!

Anubias congenensis mini $10
Anubias nana Petite $15 (1 available)
Anubias sp Pinto $15/~10 leaves
Buce sps. great looking plant. $5/~10 leaves
Cryptocoryne nurii $4 (1 available)
Cryptocoryne nurii Rosen Maden $20 (multiple available)
Limnophila aromatica 3 stems/$5
Lagenandra sp Silver Powder $10/plant
Myriophyllum sp Roraima 3 stems/$5
Myriophyllum sp Guinea 7 stems/$5
Pipotspatha ridleyi $8/plant
Homolomena sp Sekadu South $10/larger plant
Java Fern unknown sps- collected in Vietnam $10 (1 available)

If possible I prefer to communicate by text. PM me with your number and I will be in contact.
PayPal only, shipping $8.
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