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Default Re: Crypt Nurii, Affinis, Green Gecko, Crispatula "Balansae Red" and Ferns


2 md sized Cryptocoryne Crispatula Var " Balansae Red", used to be around more but few folks seem to have now.. nice shape/coloration. grows to around 3 fee (these are about 12-15") $SOLD

Crypt Affinis "Metallic Red" easy to grow, grows redder under higher light and CO2. gets bushy very quickly!! SOLD OUT

Crypt Nurii, I think I have two kinds because in my tank one area grows very red and the other area grows flatter down and with very pronounced dark marking. When I trimmed I forgot to label... so, sm plant for SOLD I can mix or send the one w redder color or the one with dark stripes by itself if wanted but I don't know which is which .. :O one md/large for $20--- MEDIUM STILL AVAILABLE

Bolbitis sp, grows md sized for me (around 12" tall), easy. attaches to wood, rock, glass.... $15 per bunch . have 2 bunches available $25 FOR ALL

Crypt Wendtii "Green Gecko": very pretty and fairly easy to grow crypt from the wendtii family. lots of Md ones 5- 6 $15 and 2 mother size plants with runners $25

Shipping via usps 2-3 days to most of the states for $7.50, its nice most everywhere but please beware of your local weather
Payment via paypal only,

thank you

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