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Default Re: Anyone Use/Try The Söchting Oxydator??

Ok so the disease won. Not only won but totally KO'ed me. Bought 2 one for my 93 an another for my 20. Few hundred dollars later and then a Amazon purchase of food grade H202 12% and a grocery trip for dislited water (cut it to 6%). I am still undecided on this. The fish seem to like it lots. But seems like it needs refilled a lot. Want to say weekly but maybe off (still a little stunned from the KO). Kind of big. Have planted tanks and well more is best imo so floor space is limited and not fond of the size for the 20 (like a small apple diameter).
Just wanted to dump the air lines and in essence yes I can. Buyers remorse? Ahhhhh IDK yet. Shrimp in the 20 are not flocking like on the youtube videos but every now and then will one or two of them fanning. Can not see the bubbles like in airline . Now I am rambling. Final verdict is still out on this one.
Would not call it a gimmack though. No deaths have occured from it (have a spotted congo puffer, gobies and some other scaleless and/or sensative fish in the 93 and shrimp with cories in the 20). Not a science major but assuming the food grade H202 is key there or maybe its the cataylist that protects the universe like Voltron would have done if it was not canceled. Who knows it could kill them all tomorrow. Will update again once I figure out if it was worth the cost for people who live on the grid.
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