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Default Re: Anyone Use/Try The Söchting Oxydator??

Originally Posted by mysiak View Post
I have a Twinstar ripoff - Chihiros Doctor (yet another new toy syndrome ) and I wouldn't use it as anything else than a bubble cloud generator for aesthetic purpose Additionally to all the unproven claims - it's pain in the .. when used in hard water. Membrane needs at least weekly cleaning due to extremely fast calcification (I have the improved version which changes polarity regularly). It was interesting to use maybe for a month, turned into "this isn't funny anymore" really quickly. Didn't do a thing to any type of algae and as I have no idea what is being created/released during electrolysis of aquarium water containing many different chemicals, I'm not using it anymore. It might have some positive (and negative) effects, but I couldn't find a single scientific study related to the usage in aquarium with livestock, just contradicting anecdotal information.
Not at the one month mark yet. But I could see it sitting in my "treasure" box of "OMG I NEED THIS". Still debating. Will use up the gallon of H2O2 before I make my final call.
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