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Default Re: Anyone Use/Try The Söchting Oxydator??

Originally Posted by mysiak View Post
Don't beat yourself up, sometime we can't help it and just follow the urge to buy/try something new. I consider it as a part of the never ending learning process.

Sochting Oxydator is definitely 100% safe, it won't kill any livestock and produces just water and pure oxygen. The secret is in the ceramic ring/bowl, it contains magic dust (I accidentally broke mine and it is full of black stuff, carbon I suppose) which breaks down molecules of hydrogen peroxide. If you want to extend the refilling period, you can use just a half of the catalyst. Obviously it will also limit the amount of oxygen produced, so..choose your poison I guess
No no no not half, may double it. Do need the O2. Although they seem fine right now as is, so maybe one day may add the second.

A magic disk, so more like Krull than Voltron lol.
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