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Default 600 Gallon some issues

This is my first post under this user name (couldn't get my password for my old username as I no longer have access to the email) Old user name sc204

I have a large tank, 48" deep, 94" long, 36" wide, with lots of angels and a vaiety of other fish including about a dozen bristlenose plecos and a few Siamese algae eaters. The tank has gone through several iterations of plantings and fertilizing with and without CO2, and with different light sources. Different fertilizing methods have also been tried.

The current planting which has done the best has been with slow growing plants, many attached to wooden branches, Anubias, Java ferns etc. Some Crypts and a Madagascar lace that has survived somewhat. I have given up on CO2 for now, lighting is 3 100 watt LED flood lights K in the 6000's. I have gone through Marineland LEDs, 1200 watts of metal halides (heated the floor above) and these seem to work as well as any have.

First picture is 2 years ago right after adding a bunch of anubias and java ferns on pieces of manzanita wood. You can also see the algae I was dealing with at the time.
Close up of the left side

For 2 years I only added occasional fertilizers Flourish (not excel as I had issues with it killing my Vals and bettas in another 125

The plants grew well enough to make the tank acceptable. Below are some recent pictures.

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