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Default Re: 600 Gallon some issues

Whatever you dip in Peroxide? It's important that you then wash off the plant in clean water. in the sink.Do not put it straight back into the tank as that is all it takes to kill Val's,melt Crypts and kill mosses.
On the net there is a article by a UC Davis scientist who is into plant aquariums and as I recall,he says with Co2 you can't go wrong. Look up iron and aquariums and its there.
I've been told that iron should be dosed..but,all I really saw that changed was hair algae got thicker. Unless your plants were showing an obvious deficiency, you might as well have enjoyed the great Crypt growth and natural slow growth of Anubias.
Unlike with fish,BIG home aquariums are actually harder on plants to manage. You really have to give up on hard to please plants and embrace the hardy plants. Or,run vast amounts of Co2.
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