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Default Re: Walmart 156 LED for $57. Free shipping. that it's been going? I don't see an improvement in plant growth despite it being brighter than the old twin 40 watt gro bulbs made for aquariums. I like only 30 watts and brighter..but ,no, it seems to be a cooler light than the plants prefer. Plant growth looks a bit slower in fact.
So,for fish only its more than enough. For might want to get a better quality fixture or maybe like some people do..use this as a base and add aftermarket LED strips ( like tape) to enhance the color range.

I might have been a little harsh on this light.. or too soon. It does have a very nice color rendition to the eye- fish colors are good. For the price it's very hard to beat. I might need a second one to get over the hump. I am using it on a large tank with filtered window lighting.

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