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Default Re: Setting up a Low Tech, Low Light, High CEC Substrate Planted Tank

Hi All,

It's been about six (6) weeks since I did an update (went to Disneyland with wife, kids, and 5 yo grandson) so here are some current pictures of the tank. Overall the tank looks good, plants are healthy, most are growing well although I am thinking of increasing the light intensity from [email protected] to approximately [email protected] because the Erio 'Vietnam' are just kind of hanging on and not doing much, same with the Ranunculus inundatus. The Pogostemon erectus, and Nymphaea micrantha and Nymphaea gardneriana (Santarem') are doing well, I have had to remove the two largest Nymphaea micrantha because they were getting too large for the tank. The Helanthium tenellum (previously Echinodorus tenellus red / Pygmy Chain Sword) are putting out runners.

What I really like is the tank has been set-up for two months....notice the total lack of algae? I only have had to clean the glass once and that was for diatoms.

Full tank view

Helanthium tenellum (left), Nymphaea micrantha (rear), and Nymphaea gardneriana (Santarem') (front right)

Pogostemon erectus (and Rotala 'Vietnam') continue to show good growth with large, well formed leaves (old growth with undersized leaves was when in different tank)
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