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Default Re: Setting up a Low Tech, Low Light, High CEC Substrate Planted Tank

Hi @Michael,

Yes, there is fertilization. I added six (6) Osmocote Plus "00" tabs into the substrate shortly after adding the plants. In addition I add:

1/64th tsp KNO3 (2.0 ppm of NO3) 2X per week
1/64 tsp KH2PO4 (1.6 ppm of PO4) 2X per week
1/32 tsp 4.9 ppm of K2SO4 (2.96 ppm K 2X per week) (if we include the K in the KNO3 and KH2PO4 then 5.66 ppm K 2X per week)
1 ml Seachem Comprehensive 2X per week
1/16 tsp Iron Mix 2X per week (DIY Iron Mix = 4 parts CSM+B; 1 part ferrous gluconate; 1 part DTPA Iron Chelate) provides 0.8 ppm of Fe, 0.11 ppm of Mn, 0.05 ppm B
1 ml Seachem Excel 2X per week
1/8th tsp CaSO4 2X per week (4 ppm of Ca)
1/16 tsp MgSO4 2X per week (1.3 ppm of Mg)

My last water chemistry readings (6/21) were:
pH @6.6
dKH @2.0
dGH @8.0
Ca @40 ppm
Mg @10.5 ppm (calculated)
NH3 @0.10 ppm (likely from Osmocote tabs)
NO3 @10 ppm
PO4 @0.25 ppm

I am trying to dose the tank per the presentation by Vin Kutty at the AGA Convention in May. To avoid issues with Pogostemon erectus and Rotala speces he advocated 1) rich substrate nutrition 2) low water column nutrition and 3) low alkalinity (dKH) to avoid issues with those species; based upon the results I have seen so far he seems to be correct.
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