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Default Re: CO2 in my planted tank

I used to think my BBA infested tank was normal too. But doing alot of research help me get rid of it completely from my tank. I think the key is to keep the tank spotless and free of dead organic matter. These are the steps I took to rid of my algae.

1. Water changes don’t mean just change the water. Shake you plants up, lightly shake the. surface of your gravel up and suck all the debris, mulm out. Wipe your glass down, clean your filters. Tank needs to be spotless.

2. Remove all dead material, anything u think is contributing to high DOC.

3. 1-2 punch treatment and Cut, cut, and cut out all algae.

4. Run Seachem phosguard. (Limiting this for a week really weakens the algae. It also hurts the plants. So after algae is weakened, dose excel 1ml/g spot treat.

5. Use Seachem purigen to remove all remaining DOC.

6. Fill up the tank with plants to outcompete algae.

7. Raise your light if it’s too bright.

8. Research how to create good flow in the tank. every tank is different.

9. Increasing phosphates after taking out phosguard to 3-4 ppm and dosing extra iron really helped grow healthy plants and made them pop.
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