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Default Re: Replacement for Finnex Planted Plus?

Sorry, I should have followed up on this sooner. My smart and skillful husband found a replacement power supply on EBay for $5, and installed it. The original power supply was 16w, but the replacement was only 12w. (He couldn't find a match.) When the fixture came back on, it was noticeably dimmer. (I haven't measured it with our club PAR meter yet.) At first I was concerned about this, but decided to let it run and see what happened.

The plants didn't seem to notice. But the persistent and annoying hair algae almost disappeared! This is a 75g Walstad tank. When the fixture was new, it gave 300 PAR at the surface, and 40 PAR at the substrate. Obviously this was actually more than I needed, since I've battled hair algae in the tank for a long time. Now after a month: no hair algae, happy plants, and healthy fish.
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