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Default Re: What GH range is optimal for platys?

Platies have been domesticated for so long that they are very tolerant of water chemistry. My favorite fish reference is Seriously Fish

Their recommendation:

Temperature: 68-79F (20-26C)
pH: 7.0-8.2
Hardness: 10-30 dH (160-530ppm)
"As long as the ph remains above neutral this fish is one of the best species available to the beginner."

I keep three color varieties of X. maculatus and I never worry about water chemistry, but my tap water is relatively hard and always well above pH 7.0. On the rare occasions when I have tested the water, GH was 150ppm, KH 160-180ppm, and pH 7.8.

I'm glad to see another platy fan on the forum!
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