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Default Shrimp Aquariums

I have recently caught the shrimp keeping bug and am thoroughly enjoying learning about them/their care.
Im more drawn to wild type shrimp so the first shrimp tank I created, about 2 months ago, has wild-form neocaridina and Caridina cf. babaulti "Zebra." It is a 30 gallon tank, and has been up and running for appx. 2 years so had a good amount of biofilm and such to start.

Im used to keeping big fish, primarily South American cichlids such as geophagus, discus, Altum Angels, so scaling back to think in terms of a shrimp tank took some adjustment. Its an entirely different experience. Several of the females have become berried, so excited to get some increasing stock in tank.

But, anyways, here is my 30 gallon shrimp tank:

I was so taken with the other shrimp tank that I recently set-up and began cycling a 10 gallon tank to get another shrimp tank started. this tanks new so I most likely wont add shrimp for 6-8 weeks.

Here is the 10 gallon:

Any other shrimp-keepers?
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Default Re: Shrimp Aquariums

Nice looking tank. Try to get pictures of the shrimps.
I just red cherries and a few Amano. I am partial to crustecians. I even find daphnia interesting.
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